Shuai Mu

I am joining Stony Brook as an Assistant Professor in fall! I am looking for students working in distributed systems and operating systems. Drop me an email with a brief resume if you are interested.

I am on the job market! I am looking for faculty or research lab positions world-wide.

I am a post-doc researcher/lecturer at NYU, working with many great people in the Systems Group.


Selected Publications

  • Software transactions with pipelined locks and lazy evaluation (To appear)
    EuroSys 19

  • Consolidating Concurrency Control and Consensus for Commits under Conflicts [paper] [tr] [tla+] [code]
    Shuai Mu, Lamont Nelson, Wyatt Lloyd, Jinyang Li
    OSDI 16

  • The SNOW Theorem and Latency-Optimal Read-Only Transactions [paper]
    Haonan Lu, Christopher Hodsdon, Khiem Ngo, Shuai Mu, Wyatt Lloyd
    OSDI 16

  • Scaling Multicore Databases via Constrained Parallel Execution [paper] [tr]
    Zhaoguo Wang, Shuai Mu, Yang Cui, Han Yi, Haibo Chen, Jinyang Li
    SIGMOD 16

  • Extracting More Concurrency from Distributed Transactions [paper], [tr]
    Shuai Mu, Yang Cui, Yang Zhang, Wyatt Lloyd, Jinyang Li
    OSDI 14