Shuai Mu

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Stony Brook University

Office: New Computer Science RM-351
Email: shuai at cs stonybrook edu
Links: Google Scholar, Calendar

Fail-slow Fault Tolerance accepted to HotOS ā€˜21

MongoDB Replication appeared at NSDI ā€˜21!

Cobra appeared at OSDI ā€˜20!

I am an assistant professor of Computer Science at Stony Brook University. My main research interests are in distributed systems and multi-core systems. Iā€™m particularly interested in:

  • Building fault-tolerant storage and database systems.
  • Building tools to ease concurrent programming for developers.
  • Verifying correctness of distributed systems and algorithms.

I am looking for motivated PhD/MS/Undergrad students. If you are interested, email me a brief resume.


Program committees

  • NSDI 2021
  • ATC 2020
  • APSys 2019, 2020

Recent publications

  • Fail-slow fault tolerance needs programming support
    Andrew Yoo, Yuanli Wang, Ritesh Sinha, Shuai Mu, and Tianyin Xu
    HotOS 21 (to appear)
  • Fault-Tolerant Replication with Pull-Based Consensus in MongoDB [paper]
    Siyuan Zhou, Shuai Mu
    NSDI 21
  • Cobra: Making Transactional Key-Value Stores Verifiably Serializable [paper]
    Cheng Tan, Changgeng Zhao, Shuai Mu, Michael Walfish
    OSDI 20
  • On the Parallels of Raft and Paxos [paper]
    Zhaoguo Wang, Changgeng Zhao, Shuai Mu, Haibo Chen, Jinyang Li
    PODC 19
  • Deferred Runtime Pipelining for contentious multicore software transactions [paper, tr]
    Shuai Mu, Sebastian Angel, Dennis Shasha
    EuroSys 19
  • Giza: Erasure Coding Objects across Global Data Centers [paper]
    Yu Lin Chen, Shuai Mu, Jinyang Li, Cheng Huang, Jin Li, Aaron Ogus, Douglas Phillips
    ATC 17
  • Consolidating Concurrency Control and Consensus for Commits under Conflicts [paper, tr, tla+, code]
    Shuai Mu, Lamont Nelson, Wyatt Lloyd, Jinyang Li
    OSDI 16
  • The SNOW Theorem and Latency-Optimal Read-Only Transactions [paper]
    Haonan Lu, Christopher Hodsdon, Khiem Ngo, Shuai Mu, Wyatt Lloyd
    OSDI 16
  • Scaling Multicore Databases via Constrained Parallel Execution [paper, tr]
    Zhaoguo Wang, Shuai Mu, Yang Cui, Han Yi, Haibo Chen, Jinyang Li
    SIGMOD 16


  • Reza Alimadadi (PhD, with Mike Ferdman)
  • Weihai Shen (PhD)
  • Yuhao Su (PhD)
  • Xiang Liu (PhD, pending)
  • Ansh Khanna (MS)
  • Yida Wu (MS)


  • Mrityunjay Kumar (MS -> VMWare)
  • Satya Jain (MS -> VMWare)
  • Ritesh Sinha (MS -> HP)
  • Yuanli Wang (Virtual Intern, MS@Minnesota -> PhD@Boston U.)
  • Andrew Yoo (MS Thesis@UIUC, with Tianyin Xu -> Whova)


Prior to joining Stony Brook, I spent 4 years at NYU as a visiting student/post-doc/lecturer in the Systems Group. I obtained my Ph.D. from Tsinghua University and B.S. from China Agricultural University. During my graduate studies, I also had the luck to be a visiting student at USC and University of Sydney. See a full history in my CV.