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Lecture: MW 7:50-9:10pm (Aug 24 – Dec 7)

Office hour: T 8-10pm in this Zoom meeting room. Please book a meeting before 6pm using this link. Each slot is 15 minutes. You can book 2 slots for 30 minutes, 3 slots for 45 minutes, etc.

The schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Date Topic   Preparation
Aug 24 Introduction I: Overview Read How to Read a Paper
Aug 26 Introduction II: MapReduce Read MapReduce
Aug 31 Introduction III: RPC, GFS Skim Implementing RPC, Read GFS
Sep 2 Introduction IV: GFS (cont’d)  
Sep 7 No class (Labor Day)  
Sep 9 Introduction V: Primary-Backup Replication Read VM Fault tolerance
Sep 14 Consensus I: Raft Read Raft
Sep 16 Consensus II: Raft (cont’d)  
Sep 21 Consensus III: Paxos Read Paxos made simple
Sep 23 Consensus IV: Paxos (cont’d) Skim Raft and Paxos
Sep 28 Consensus V: Byzantine failures Read Byzantine Paxos and PBFT
Sep 30 Consistency I: Linearizability Skim Linearizability
Oct 5 Consistency II: Eventual Consistency and Causality Read Bayou
Oct 7 Consistency III: Causal Consistency Skim COPS and SUNDR
Oct 12 Consistency IV: Fork-Join-Causal Consistency Read Depot
Oct 14 Consistency V: More Consistency Skim Incremental, RedBlue, and Existential
Oct 19 Transaction I: Serializability Read Concurrency control and recovery
Oct 21 Transaction II: 2PL and 2PC Read Spanner
Oct 26 Transaction III: OCC and Snapshot Isolation Read Percolator
Oct 28 Transaction IV: Parallel Snapshot Isolation Read PSI and Skim Lazy Consistency
Nov 2 Transaction V: More Isolation Levels Read A Critique of ANSI SQL Isolation Levels
Nov 4 Blockchain I: Proof-of-work Read Bitcoin
Nov 9 Blockchain II: Stellar Skim Stellar
Nov 11 Blockchain III: BA in Blockchains Skim Algorand
Nov 16 Blockchain IV: Storage Network Skim Filecoin
Nov 18 Blockchain V: Smart Contract  
Nov 23 No class (Thanksgiving)  
Nov 25 No class (Thanksgiving)  
Nov 30 Misc I: Distributed Hash Table Read Chord
Dec 2 Misc II: Anonymous Network Read Tor
Dec 7 TBD  

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