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Lecture: MW 4:25-5:45pm (Jan 24 – May 4), FREY HALL 205 WESTCAMPUS

Office hour: Thursday 3-6pm using this Zoom link. Please book a meeting before noon using this link. Each slot is 30 minutes. If you need more time, book more slots.

The schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Note: Downloading the notes requires your logging into Google with your stonybrook.edu account. Please do not use the “Request Access” feature to email me (I cannot disable this feature on Google). Doing so may cause my spam filter to add your email address to the blacklist and then block your future emails to me.

Date Topic   Comments
Jan 24 Introduction  
Jan 26 Blockchain overview: Bitcoin Read Bitcoin
Jan 31 Blockchain overview: Algorand and smart contract Team draft
Feb 2 Software architecture evolution
Idea: Team Crypton, feedback form
Feb 7 Prototyping UI
Idea: Team CODE, feedback form
Team finalize
Feb 9 Idea: Team KTMFC, feedback form; Team Wolfs, feedback form  
Feb 14 Relational Database: Intro
Idea & UI: Team NFTicket, feedback form
Feb 16 Relational Database: SQL
UI: Team Sandbi, feedback form
Feb 21 SQL (cont’)  
Feb 23 (UI) Team ACJTT, feedback form; Team HASH, feedback form; Team BLOX, feedback form  
Feb 28 Normal Forms and ORM  
Mar 2 Data Model: Team RandN, feedback form; Team Qrify, feedback form
Midterm Preparation
Mar 7 Midterm: Team Code feedback; Team NFTicket feedback; Team HASH feedback; Team RAND-1 feedback;  
Mar 9 Midterm: Team Sandbi feedback Team ACJTT feedback; Team Crypton feedback; Team BLOX feedback; Team KTMFC feedback; Team RANDN feedback; Team QRify feedback; Team WOLFS feedback  
Mar 14   Spring break
Mar 16   Spring break
Mar 21 Web Frameworks (Lightweight vs MVC)  
Mar 23 Web Services (SOAP vs REST)  
Mar 28 UML  
Mar 30 Design Patterns
Team KTMFC presentation feedback
Read design pattern; this website is also helpful
Apr 4 Guest Speaker: Prof. Cheng Tan (Northeastern), Zoom starting at 4:40pm  
Apr 6 Team Crypton feedback; Team Sandbi feedback Beta release
Apr 11 Testing Readings on Piazza
Apr 13 Code Reviews Readings on Piazza
Apr 18 Debugging Readings on Piazza
Apr 20 Presentation: RANDN feedback, RAND-1 feedback, CODE feedback  
Apr 25 Guest Speaker: Yang Cui (Google) Zoom starting at 4:30pm  
Apr 27 Final preparation  
May 2 Final presentation : RAND-1 NFTicket Crypton (feedback for all teams)  
May 4 Final presentation : WOLFS KTMFC Sandbi  
May 17 Final presentation Zoom starting at 2:15pm : RANDN CODE BLOX ACJTT HASH QRify  

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