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Lecture: MW 4:25-5:45pm (Aug 22 – Dec 5) NCS 120

The schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Date        Topic   Preparation
  Session I: Introduction  
Aug 22 Overview Read How to Read a Paper
Aug 24 MapReduce Read MapReduce
Aug 29 RPC, Coroutine Skim Coroutine
Aug 31 GFS Read GFS
Sep 5 No class (Labor Day)  
Sep 7 Primary-Backup Replication Read VM Fault tolerance
  Session II: Consensus  
Sep 12 Raft Read Raft
Sep 14 Raft(cont’d) Paxos Read Paxos made simple
Sep 19 Paxos(cont’d)  
Sep 21 Fast Paxos Read Fast Paxos
Sep 26 Byzantine failures Read PBFT and Byzantine Paxos
Sep 28 Voluntary Presentation  
Oct 3 Voluntary Presentation  
  Session III: Consistency  
Oct 5 Linearizability Skim Linearizability
Oct 10 No class (Fall break)  
Oct 12 Eventual Consistency Read Dynamo
Oct 17 Causal Consistency Skim COPS
Oct 19 Fork-join Consistency Skim Depot
  Session IV: Transaction  
Oct 24 Serializability Skim Concurrency control
Oct 26 2PL and 2PC Read Spanner
Oct 31 2PL and 2PC Read Spanner
Nov 2 OCC and Snapshot Isolation Read Percolator
Nov 7 More Isolation Levels Read Critique
Nov 9 Voluntary Presentation  
  Session V: Blockchain  
Nov 14 Proof-of-work Read Bitcoin
Nov 16 Proof-of-stake Read Algorand
Nov 21 Stellar Read Stellar
Nov 23 No class (Thanksgiving)  
Nov 28 Storage Network Skim Filecoin
Nov 30 Smart Contract  
Dec 5 Voluntary Presentation  

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